24-Hour Roadside Assistance in Weatherford, TX

24-Hour Roadside Assistance A flat tire that forces you to the shoulder of the road. A dead battery in the parking lot of work. A lockout right in your own driveway. These things are frustrating and inconvenient when they happen, and there’s no telling when they will. It’s why AA Wrecker Service, Inc. is ready to resolve these issues and more with its 24-hour roadside assistance and towing services.

We’re the emergency road service drivers in Weatherford, TX trust because we always arrive with a smile on our face and the solutions you need to get you back on the road.

  • Lockouts: Locked your keys in your car or your trunk? We can pop your locks to get you back behind the wheel. We’re skilled in auto lockouts and won’t harm your vehicle, and can get your doors unlocked in as little as five minutes!
  • Flat tire change service: Road debris of all kinds can cause a flat. If you’ve never changed a tire or don’t feel comfortable doing it, call us for flat tire change services instead. We’ll jack up your vehicle, remove the damaged tire, put on your spare, and point you in the direction of a mechanic.
  • Jumpstarts: Dead battery? No problem. We’ve got cables and the know-how for jumpstarts for your vehicle and get it back on the road.
  • Coolant: An overheating engine will sideline your vehicle quickly. Call us for a quick coolant delivery to get you to the nearest mechanic who can repair your radiator and address your engine overheating issues, to keep it from happening again.
  • Roadside repair: Some repairs are minor enough to make on the side of the road. If your vehicle is on the shoulder and needs work before it’s road-ready again, give us a call and we’ll see what we can do. At the very least, we can give you a tow back to safety.
With 24-hour roadside assistance throughout Weatherford, Parker County, and Fort Worth, TX and a reputation for superior customer service, AA Wrecker Service, Inc. is the only call you need to make for a swift solution to your problem. Whether we’re jumping your car or fixing a flat, rest assured we’ll do it fast and do it with a smile. Contact us today at 817-341-3565 for emergency road service and auto recovery services.